Company Profile

Who we are?
—     ICB Solution is the Company focus on IT solution

  • Established by a group of Energetic and Innovative people
  • We have many experiences

—     We did All the IT solutions.

  • Standalone application development
  • Web Application Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Database Design
  • System Analyst and Software Engineer
  • Network Design and Implementation

Our core value.

  • —Customer Dedication
  • —Pioneering
  • —Excellence
  • —Employee Contribution
  • —Integrity
  • —Recognition

Methodology of Work
Our principal activities are as follows:
     1) Gather the Requirement
     2) Research and select the best solution for the project
     3) Create the solution specification with or without prototype
     4) Create the implementation plan
     5) Do the implementation and test
     6) Deliver the documents
     7) Do the Support

Benefit from us

  • We are professional -> we can deliver with the best solution
  • We are experts Staff-> we are experts we know the customer
  • —We are small company -> we are flexible for Customers

Product and services

  • —Software Development
  • Mobile Application and System Development
  • —ICT solutions
  • e-office Solution 
  • —Smart Home Solution
  • ICT outsourcing service